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...Alchimie de la Douleur...

6/8/13 09:06 pm - denvilda - Problem with getting certain endings

Alright, for some reason, I can’t get ending 9 (Sylvie’s ending) or Bad ED Gluttony, even though I follow the walkthrough exactly.

I have completed almost all of the other endings and they worked just fine.

I’m playing the English version, on a Windows 7.

If you can solve this problem, I shalt worship thee forever.

EDIT: okay, I found out what's wrong about the Sylvie ending, there was an error in the walkthrough.

5/31/13 11:02 am - denvilda - CG pack

Hi :D

I wonder if anyone's got the censored CG pack of Animamundi? I installed the uncensor patch before starting to play the game, and it would be fun to compare the censored images to the original ones. I have heard that some of the censors of the BL are pretty hilarious...

8/1/12 04:00 pm - sora111 - I keep on getting the quiet corrosion ending D:

This always happen during the Soup of Life event. At this point I have 40 items. I don't understand why I keep getting this result. I've tried multiple paths, including the Dashwood and Ruthberg path, which most people say you should go through first. Can someone help please? D:

6/15/12 08:43 pm - ultrapeach - Parallels Fic Exchange

Hello all! I've nominated Animamundi for parallelsfic exchange. It's a Yuletide-like fic (and this year art and vid) exchange but exclusively for Asian fandoms. Details are at the community.
Nominations are closing soon but there's still time. Sign-ups haven't started yet, so you have plenty of time regardless.

The possibility of more Animamundi fic is always a good thing, right? :D

5/15/12 11:46 pm - indigozeal - Awesome Animamundi fanart alert

This is probably old news, but artist Candra has done a few professional-caliber pieces that every Animamundi fan, particularly those of Mephisto, should see. (NSFW warning on some of her pics, albeit not the Animamundi ones.) For instance:

Oh, Mike, you and your thigh-highs. Her other stuff's worth checking out, too. Go to it.

5/4/12 07:12 pm - aristocrats

A copy of Animamundi up on eBay:


It rarely goes up and it's cheaper than the prices on Amazon. Someone snag it up!

11/12/11 02:45 pm - ultrapeach

Hello~ I've just nominated Animamundi for this year's yuletide if anyone else is interested in signing up. Nominations are still ongoing, so you have time to make sure there are other fandoms and characters you want in there.
The characters I've nominated are Georik, Dashwood, St. Germant and Mephistopheles.
I hope I've tempted some people!

9/10/11 11:50 am - ddsds - Gluttony

Hey everyone, Im ecstatic to have found a community for animamundi that is actually still active, since most of the other websites for this game have been taken down. Ive been playing this game for a while, and I have all the endings except for one: the gluttony bad ED beast of ambition and hunger. I was wondering if any of you guys know how to get it. (Ive been told you need to pick "search for Bruno" in underground experiments, but whenever I do that I just get souls in heaven)

Thanks a bunch in advance.

7/3/11 09:22 am - indigozeal - Mephisto in Princess Nightmare (probably LttP)

I'm probably the last to know about this, but apparently Mephisto made a cameo in another visual novel, Princess Nightmare (link). He's still a servant of a Lucifer, though this game's Lucifer apparently looks completely different from Animamundi's.

ETA 9/12: Oh, my goodness, the man demon has an actual character song in that game.

Also, if you're interested in the visual novel genre in general, a couple announcements were made at yesterday's AnimeExpo for English-language ports: Hakuouki from Aksys and Starry Sky from JList. (There's a news post here at the angemedia comm if you care to come over for a visit.) Here's hoping the translation quality is as high as Hirameki's.

6/22/11 12:32 pm - anikiryuu - Items Guide

Does anyone know a good guide for getting all the items?  I used to use Sinharvest's fabulous walkthrough, but it's been taken down, and now I'm unsure of how to collect enough items to get anything besides Quiet Corrosion.
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